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    About us

    About us


           Lee E-Commerce L.L.C started in early 2019. Due to the many daily trials, people go through to deal with life, medical hardships do not make it any easier. That’s where we come in. We provide a shortcut for both business to business and business to customer sales via our website. 

    We, as pioneers and experts in our field, provide top of the line medical services and after-sales follow up; So that our customers, whether businesses or individuals, would be at ease when dealing with us.

     Our logo is in black and gold to symbolize the luxury and care our company treats its clients with.


    who we are


    Lee E-Commerce L.L.C is an online company that acts as a medium between the customer and a business. We provide both products and services in the field of health, medical, commercial, recreational sectors and medical care plans. We also connect individuals and businesses so that they reach the products and services desired without leaving the comfort of their homes.


    Why we do this


    The name of our company is "Lee" which means shield or shelter; The thing that we at Lee stand for and act upon. Here at Lee E-Commerce L.L.C, we care about our customers. After all, it is the main reason why we decided to establish the company in the first place. Our services are not only about us making profits, but it is about us putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes, feeling his pain, and working to make life better for him/her. We do this to save you time so that you spend it enjoying the company of your family and friends “Where every moment in life matter”